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Taxpayer’s Funding CPS Chief Equity Officer’s Frivolous and False Claims Through Protective Orders

Race Matters, Friends has just learned that Columbia Public School’s Chief Equity Officer Carla London is now being represented by Duane Martin and Rachel Meystedt, attorneys with EdCounsel LLC,  a law firm that represents the school district on legal issues. 

Michelle Baumstark, the spokeswoman for the district, recently told the Columbia Tribune via email on September 27, “...that the district is treating London’s filing as a private matter between her and Wilson-Kleekamp.  “We are aware of the filing,” Baumstark wrote. “Although other parties may be publicly discussing this matter, the school district is not at liberty to discuss individual student or employee matters.”

"I'm surprised,"  says Wilson-Kleekamp, "Ms. London is asking Columbia taxpayers to spend public money to pay for her attorney's fees regarding a personal order of protection for herself and daughter. For the record, I don't know her daughter, never met her and wouldn't recognize her on the street.  Neither I nor any RMF board member has access to any email accounts or students who enrolled at West Middle School.”

RMF believes London is confused or doesn't understand how Google Drive works.  Access to a Google drive link can be made available via a website, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.   Race Matters, Friends shared a press release with local media outlets calling for London's resignation on September 5, 2019, through a facebook posting -- making the document accessible to anyone with the link.   The group also notes that the emails exchanged and shared in London's protective order filing weren't just to her -- but included several other school employees and members of RMF.  The documents demonstrate both London and Wilson-Kleekamp engaging in a respectful dialogue.

Wilson-Kleekamp also noted, "I haven't corresponded with London since July because she was unwilling to discuss the issues we raised about the efficacy of the training she provides for the district around equity and restorative practices."

Race Matters, Friends will be at the next school board meeting,” reminds Wilson-Kleekamp. "This is what resistance looks like!"

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