Protect Our Incarcerated!

The Problem

On January 9, 2021 the Columbia Missourian reported that 17 Boone County Jail detainees had tested positive for COVID-19. Jail representatives reported the first case identified on January 3. Since this article, members of the community have contacted the Bail Group with concerns about the responses from the Boone County Jail and 13th Circuit Court.

Call to Action

We call upon the Boone County Sheriff and 13th Circuit Court to:

  • Take immediate action to reduce the Boone County Jail population (237 as of 1/13/21)
  • Prioritize the release of all elderly all immuno-compromised individuals
  • Release all detainees held on low level charges to home detention or less
  • Curtail oncoming arrests and bookings for duration of pandemic

No one from the community should be added to this potentially deadly environment, nor unnecessarily expose facility staff and detainees as potential COVID-19 carriers.

We urge Sheriff Carey, Judge Crane, and the 13th Circuit Court Judges to work immediately at releasing our Boone County detainees and limit further actions that would increase the jail population except under the most necessary of conditions.

Who to Contact

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